Sara {Motherhood}

I first met Sara when I did baby Owen's newborn photos, he had won a newborn session for being the first baby born at Susan B Allen in the new year! She contacted me to do another session with all her kiddos and it was so great to see them again. Owen is getting so big, I can't get over his rolls and hair!



Eleanor {Children}

I have been taking this little one and her sisters pictures for years now. She and my daughter are the same age, and it seems like both of them have grown up so much in the last year. It is bittersweet, it's exciting to see the young women they are becoming while still trying to hold on to the babies they once were. Eleanor, you are proving to be a gentle spirit, while also owning all of your big personality!


Parker {Maternity}

While we "patiently" wait for Baby Parker's arrival (due date is tomorrow!), I will share some photos from their maternity session. Abi and Baylor are going to make the best parents to this little boy or girl! 

What you see......

My first blog post, yippee!! It's my sloooow month, which is kind of a nice thing after the hustle of the fall season, then the holidays. January allows me to decompress a bit; reflect on the year I just had, set goals for the upcoming year, brainstorm new projects I want to do to broaden my photography skills and keep me passionate about my art, and of course it allows me to shoot some personal photos and push the boundaries of creativity.

Yesterday I took 3 minutes, yes 3 MINUTES (because it was butt rocking cold out), to take a few pictures of Harper in the snow that we FINALLY got!! I follow a very well known lifestyle photographer and have taken a few online courses of hers and she has done shots of her children in front of a garage. Yes a garage.....and they were epic. 

So that's what I did, and I did spend a little more time in photoshop editing these then I typically do, well for obvious reasons.

What you see isn't always what you get.....